Our Story


Hi. I'm Norma, Founder of Truly Free. I love coffee, blogging, shopping and being creative. I'm a mom of three and a wife to my sweet hubby who supports my creative and sometimes wild ideas. To follow my blog visit normacruz.com

Why Truly Free?

Truly Free is a reminder for us that one encounter with God can set you free from the deepest hurts. When I lost my son Ethan to a rare skin disease I was in a deep state of grief where I felt that I had lost everything with no hope of getting it back. As I spoke to others that had gone through a similar level of empty sorrow, it seemed that my pain would be permanent and the feeling of hopelessness may last for years. God knew my heart and as I pressed into Him I was suddenly filled with hope and joy. I was able to experience His love in a way that was more real than our physical world. Being truly free comes from encountering God's love for you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread the word, "If the Son sets you free, you are truly free."
John 8:36. We come together to create shirts that help you express your faith. God does powerful works through a simple Christian T-shirt. Our passion is to share encouraging statements that are inspired by the Holy Spirit and to provide T-shirts that fit great and feel comfortable.